The relevance of “Iron Dome”

Wow! you mean the citizens of Ashdod, Ashkelon, Sderot and

– if they’re lucky -Be ‘er Sheva.

And what about the rest of us. The rockets can reach anywhere in Israel!
It’s no longer the soldiers in the front line – it’s the civilian population. This is what Arab terrorism has brought us to – cowering in our shelters.

I’m old enough to remember living in London in the last years of the second world war ( now THERE’S an age admission!) and seeing V1 rockets with my own eyes. The mood of the time was to listen to the rocket engine – and pray that it didn’t cut out over your head – because then you knew it would soon come down. And, human nature being what it is, always hoping that it would strike somewhere else!

(And another piece of gratuitous information – my family home was destroyed in the Blitz)

The V2 rockets you never heard until it was too late.

And what did Great Britain (it was Great -then) do about it?

Well – under the leadership of Winston Churchill – and with the support of Bomber Command – the Germans were made to pay a very high price!
What – I hear you saying –  is the relevance of all this?
The relevance – in today’s world –  is not to wait to be attacked.
If ever the old adage “attack is the best form of defence” was true – it is true for us now.

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the Unite...

Winston Churchill Image via Wikipedia

3 Iron Domes will not save us. Actually 30 Iron Domes will not save us.
Removing the source of the threat is the only thing that will save us.

Cut off the head of the snake!

Maybe the Minister of Defence should start reading Churchill’s memoirs as a matter of urgency!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

Injuries brought about during the bombing of L...

London in the Blitz Image via Wikipedia

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Outcome of an Independent Palestinian State

FINANCE MINISTER Yuval Steinitz shakes hands with     Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz              Photo by: Courtesy: Ministry of Finance spokesperson

‘PA UN state bid more dangerous than threats from Hamas’

08/31/2011 12:44

Finance minister says Israel is unquestionably opposed to Palestinian move, no one can stop Abbas from petitioning the UN; Steinitz: Palestinians want to get state without giving anything to Israel.
(Jerusalem Post Article – 31/8/11)

English: Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmood Abbas

Of course there is no stopping the UN General Assembly from adopting some resolution on Palestinian Statehood. All that Israel can do is to simply make such adoption an exercise in futility.

Don’t forget that this is an organisation that can vote that the world is flat – if the proposal comes from an Arab or Muslim nation!
We must try to ensure that our government makes it perfectly clear to Abbas, and his assorted cronies, the price that his people will have to pay for his display of political arrogance.
Unfortunately, I have yet to be convinced that OUR leaders have the balls to take the appropriate actions.Without going into specific detail, we all know that what must be done.
There must be a price to pay –  and the Palestinians will have to learn the hard way that their decisions have consequences.
If the UN and the world want the creation of an independent State of Palestine – then they will have to fund and support it – to an even greater extent than they have until now! The Palestinians,  and what happens to them, will no longer be Israel’s responsibility in any way. We will have no financial obligation to them.
There is, still, the unresolved issue of where will be the borders of such a state. However, since this is not an issue that they wish to negotiate, the borders will be where Israel decides.
As an independent state they will have all the rights and obligations of such a state – except, of course, in the military sense-  as Israel has already made abundantly clear. And we will no longer have to endure the perpetual whining about the “right of return”. Now they will have a place to go.

They will cry their crocodile tears, as usual, and protest that  they are oppressed and downtrodden and all the regular BS that we are sick of hearing.

And then they will approach the world with their begging bowl!

Our message should be very simple.

Enjoy the fruits of your independence – but don’t complain about the bitterness!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

I should clarify that I always use the term “Palestinian” as a form of verbal shorthand for convenience. It does not imply that I believe that there is – or ever was a “Palestinian People” separate and distinct from Arabs who inhabited the British Mandated area of Palestine and beyond. The concept of a Palestinian Nation is the product of fertile imagination, an Arab propensity for self delusion – and a very efficient Public Relations Machine with wide media support!
If you still choose to believe that there is such an entity – then also remember :
JORDAN IS PALESTINE!    They already have one state – why do they need another?

“Banned for life”- with no explanation!

Have you ever been “Banned for Life” from doing something – without knowing the reason why?

I have!

English: The Daily Mail clock, just off Kensin...
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Some background

Earlier this month, during the riots taking place in London and other major cities in the U.K.  I sent a few comments to the talkback forum in the Daily Mail Newspaper. As you can imagine the site was overwhelmed with thousands of posts expressing a variety of opinions – some very extreme!

Of course the TV channels were full of pundits – including one Professor of  History –  who expounded some un- popularly received reviews due to his particular assessment of the reasons for the general culture of anti-social behaviour among many of the youth in the U.K.

I sent a post generally supporting his viewpoint and a few other posts  about the looting and arson that had taken place.

On August 8th I received the following e-mail:


Your account has been permanently de- activated for going against the Community Guidelines.

You are no longer allowed to post on the Daily Mail or other Associated Newspapers Ltd sites using this or any other user. Please be advised that should you post again we reserve the right to contact your ISP/employer and seek that action is taken against you.  (My emphasis)

Senior Community Editor
Daily Mail

House Rules:
Privacy Policy:

This is an automated message from MailOnline.

I didn’t see this mail until a few days later and then immediately replied:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 8:34 PM
I have just seen this notification.
Can you please explain in detail what guideline I broke?
This is a serious request since it was not my intention to deliberately  flout your rules and I see an awful lot of what I would deem as controversial in your talkbacks!
This reply was rejected by the Daily Mail website  due to technical reasons – according to the microsoft explanation. I tried several more times but to no avail.
So I e-mailed the editorial department as follows:

Sent 25th August

Dear Sirs

I have tried to contact you several times regarding an e mail you sent to me on 9th August informing me that I had been banned for life” from ever posting on your web site again.

My request for clarification as to the reason have been ignored.

Apart from the fact that a reasonable action would have been a warning for a first “”offence” I would like to know what I was accused, judged, found guilty and punished for- without being given the opportunity to make any representation on my own behalf.

A prompt answer, this time, would be appreciated

Yours faithfully


P.S. Most of the mails have been returned and microsoft claim that your site cannot accept mail on the published links.

Until now I have received no explanation for the “ban” – and, more seriously. for the attached threats!!
I am curious to know if anyone else has suffered from this phenomenon – either from The Daily Mail – or any other publication.
I think it raises serious issues about freedom of expression – and those who control it!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is   (or, as in this example, trying to!)

Funding Palestinian Terror

U.S. envoy: We will stop aid to Palestinians if UN bid proceeds

(Haaretz headline 26/8/2011)

President Shimon Peres meets with US Secretary...

Image by IsraelMFA via Flickr

Maybe America is just sick and tired of pouring money into a bottomless pit of corrupt Arab politicians!

OK – I hear the screaming already about monies transferred to Israel . The comparison is odious!

How Israel has protected American interests in this region over the decades is a matter of historical record.

Israelis have contributed to the American economy and security over the years in a manner that far outweighs the value of any funds received.

And if the Palestinians are about to kill the golden goose – so be it!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Image via Wikipedia

It will serve them right!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is

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The Peace Treaty with Egypt

Ehud Barak

Image via Wikipedia

Arab League chief: Egypt-Israel peace treaty not as sacred as the Koran

Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby, says the 1979 peace treaty is ‘not sacred,’ and is subject to annulment or amendment if breached by either side.

(Haaretz headline 26/8/2011)

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Israel will soon allow Egypt to deploy thousands of troops in the Sinai Peninsula.

(Haaretz article 26/8/2011)


Read these 2 news items together and try to understand if Ehud Barak has finally lost all his marbles!



As if Egypt has made any attempt to stop the smuggling of arms into Gaza since the overthrow of Mubarak!

It is obvious that the Egyptian leadership – and the army – do not have much interest in doing anything that might help Israel. What they might do for their own self interest – for example providing more protection to the gas pipelines – is another matter.

It is so self evidently dangerous to rely on the Egyptians to care about OUR interests – especially in the light of the most recent comments from their leadership – that it boggles the mind to think that the Israeli Minister of Defence – I repeat : MINISTER OF DEFENCE – could believe it!

Barak must have some other agenda – I only hope, for all our sakes, that Netanyahu knows what it is.

 After all, we are only talking about the small matter of the future of the Jewish People!



Andyboy – telling it as it is!

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