Even more ” Calm “

Two mortar shells fired from Gaza explode in southern Israel on Wednesday morning; defense officials believe calm will hold in coming weeks.”

(Haaretz headline)

The sub heading above was featured on an earlier story.


Barrage of rockets hits Southern Israel as violence flares up

(Haaretz 1 hour ago)

I am now waiting for a revised definition of calm!

We appear to be in the position of frantically ignoring the “elephant in the room”!

Our defense analysts – and it seems,sadly, our political and military leaders – now interpret Hamas pissing on us as a light shower of summer rain.

What else do they have to do to capture our attention?

Enough already! The world attitude to our actions is fixed –  irrespective of what those actions are.

Since no response will be considered “proportionate”- might as well go all the way.

True deterrence is the name of the game.

“Pretty please”doesn’t work any more!




Andyboy – telling it as it is!


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