What is “calm” in Israel?

Aimed at Israel........ (Image from Wikipedia)

Two mortar shells fired from Gaza explode in southern Israel on Wednesday morning; defense officials believe calm will hold in coming weeks. (headline Haaretz 24/8/11)

Ah! So THIS is the definition of calm!

Funny – I always imagined that “calm” meant that we would nor be bombarded on a daily basis with rockets and mortars.

So what -exactly – IS the definition?

0-5 rockets per day = calm

6-10 rockets per day = relatively calm

11 -20 rockets per day = quite calm

21-50 rockets per day = a slight change in the situation

51-100 rockets per day = we are beginning to be aware that the period of calm might, possibly, be coming to an end at some unspecified time in the future?

More than 101 rockets per day = perhaps now is the time that we devote some attention to the situation

You get the idea!  

Andyboy – telling it as it is!


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