How to deal with the rockets of Hamas

English: Grad rocket fired from Gaza hits Sout...

“Israel Air force targeted a weapons storage facility in the northern Gaza strip as well as a smuggling tunnel and weapons manufacturing site in the southern Gaza strip overnight”

(From Ha’aretz news report 25/8/11)

Israel is faced with an implacable enemy committed to it’s destruction – specifically by the terms of the Hamas Charter which has never been revoked.

This enemy fires rockets and mortars at Israel on a regular basis – sometimes claiming credit and sometimes hiding behind the cover of a myriad other organisations over which it claims to have no control, when it feels that it might suffer retribution.

If Israel’s response to such attacks is deemed “not proportional” by the chattering classes and the media, then the wrath of the world descends upon it. A vote of condemnation at the United Nations is automatic – this, of course, from an organisation comprised mainly of dictatorships!

October 17, 2006 Fourteen smuggling tunnels un...

Bombing empty tunnels is not the solution!

If Israel responds more forcefully, then Hamas brings forth it’s greatest defenders – the women and children of Gaza – which it deliberately places in harm’s way as human shields.What is Israel to do in such circumstances? Precision bombing of empty buildings and tunnels is not a deterrent. Unfortunately, since human life seems to be of little value to Hamas – other than as a propaganda tool – killing a few terrorists ( or, to use the sanitised description) “militants”or (even!) “operatives” – doesn’t work either.

Ultimately – like it or not – the ONLY solution is to apply the currently popular fad of “regime change”. Destroy Hamas as an organisation in any and every way possible – eliminate it’s leadership, live with the condemnation about the inevitable collateral damage, and move on.

Since Israel is ALWAYS “damned if they do – and damned if they don’t” there is nothing really to be lost from this approach.

The solution is so self evident one can only wish that Israel had leaders with balls.

English: David Ben Gurion, Israel's Prime Mini...

It matters not what the goyim think...........

As David Ben Gurion is famously reputed to have stated “It matters not what the Goyim think – it matters what the Jews do!”

Oh! for a Winston Churchill – or, even a Margaret Thatcher ! The world is a vastly poorer place without leaders of their stature and courage! And Israel needs such leadership now – at yet another critical point in it’s history.

This is the future of the Jewish people at stake.

Bombing empty tunnels is not the answer!!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!


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