Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

Report: Israel to allow Egypt to deploy troops in Sinai

(Haaretz headline – quoting The Economist) 26/8/11

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Some people have argued that a pragmatic, moderate and “softly softly”approach is required when dealing with the situation in Egypt today.

And this approach has got us where, exactly, in dealing with the Palestinians – or any other Arab nations for that matter?

This level of naivety is dangerous because it sends the wrong message. It also does not take into account the Arab mindset – which is surprising, considering the decades of experience our politicians and their advisers have accumulated in this respect. What is referred to as “moderation and pragmatism” is, inevitably, interpreted as weakness.

If the actions of the terrorists in Gaza can bring about the re-militarisation of the Sinai by Egypt then this is, indeed, a great victory for them. The short term benefit – if any – is far outweighed by the long term dangers. Nobody knows yet what will be the political complexion of the next, or future, Egyptian governments.

But the thousands of soldiers and their arms will be a reality. And if the Egyptians decide to introduce the “forbidden” tanks – then what? Barak is playing a dangerous game. He is gambling the future of Israel on Egyptian promises.

The mantra of all Israeli governments from the time of Ben Gurion has been that we will not trust foreign armies to defend us. We will not put our fate and our very survival in their hands. This situation is even worse. It is not as if the Egyptians consider it their duty to protect us. Since the fall of Mubarak the co-operation of the Egyptians with Hamas has been carried out very openly. What do Barak and Netanyahu know that is beyond the intelligent thinking of the average Israeli? Looking at Barak’s proposal objectively it would seem like utter madness.

It reminds me of the fable of the frog and the scorpion. After promising the frog that he would not sting him if the frog would carry him safely across the river, he did, indeed, sting the frog. When the frog – with his dying breath asked “why?”the scorpion replied

 “because I am a scorpion – this is what I do!”

Arabs kill Jews – this is what they do!

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