Outcome of an Independent Palestinian State

FINANCE MINISTER Yuval Steinitz shakes hands with     Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz              Photo by: Courtesy: Ministry of Finance spokesperson

‘PA UN state bid more dangerous than threats from Hamas’

08/31/2011 12:44

Finance minister says Israel is unquestionably opposed to Palestinian move, no one can stop Abbas from petitioning the UN; Steinitz: Palestinians want to get state without giving anything to Israel.
(Jerusalem Post Article – 31/8/11)

English: Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmood Abbas

Of course there is no stopping the UN General Assembly from adopting some resolution on Palestinian Statehood. All that Israel can do is to simply make such adoption an exercise in futility.

Don’t forget that this is an organisation that can vote that the world is flat – if the proposal comes from an Arab or Muslim nation!
We must try to ensure that our government makes it perfectly clear to Abbas, and his assorted cronies, the price that his people will have to pay for his display of political arrogance.
Unfortunately, I have yet to be convinced that OUR leaders have the balls to take the appropriate actions.Without going into specific detail, we all know that what must be done.
There must be a price to pay –  and the Palestinians will have to learn the hard way that their decisions have consequences.
If the UN and the world want the creation of an independent State of Palestine – then they will have to fund and support it – to an even greater extent than they have until now! The Palestinians,  and what happens to them, will no longer be Israel’s responsibility in any way. We will have no financial obligation to them.
There is, still, the unresolved issue of where will be the borders of such a state. However, since this is not an issue that they wish to negotiate, the borders will be where Israel decides.
As an independent state they will have all the rights and obligations of such a state – except, of course, in the military sense-  as Israel has already made abundantly clear. And we will no longer have to endure the perpetual whining about the “right of return”. Now they will have a place to go.

They will cry their crocodile tears, as usual, and protest that  they are oppressed and downtrodden and all the regular BS that we are sick of hearing.

And then they will approach the world with their begging bowl!

Our message should be very simple.

Enjoy the fruits of your independence – but don’t complain about the bitterness!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

I should clarify that I always use the term “Palestinian” as a form of verbal shorthand for convenience. It does not imply that I believe that there is – or ever was a “Palestinian People” separate and distinct from Arabs who inhabited the British Mandated area of Palestine and beyond. The concept of a Palestinian Nation is the product of fertile imagination, an Arab propensity for self delusion – and a very efficient Public Relations Machine with wide media support!
If you still choose to believe that there is such an entity – then also remember :
JORDAN IS PALESTINE!    They already have one state – why do they need another?

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