Dominique Strauss-Kahn returns to France

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Mr Strauss-Kahn is yet another victim – yes I did say victim -of the amazing obsession,  in some societies,  with the  (private) sexual activities of public figures.
Rather than deal with the specific detail of his case – which at best is a “he said – she said” situation I would like to address this phenomenon on a more general basis.
I have never ever understood what is the supposed connection between one’s sex life and the ability to do a good job – whether that be in politics, business, entertainment or any other field.
Gossip and salacious and intimate details of  “extra curricular activities” are the foundations of yellow journalism .
But it would be wrong to blame the press. If there were no market for, or interest in,  their products – then the laws of supply and demand would prevail.

Personally, I have always believed that there is something in the character of powerful and successful leaders in their fields that leads them in the direction of “forbidden sexual adventures” .  By forbidden I mean, of course, by “The Church”‘  however that exists in any given society.
I find the hypocrisy of this situation overwhelming – but I do not wish to digress into the proclivities of the clergy , for this is not my main point.
I simply want to understand why does it matter to anyone if sex takes place between two ( or more! ) consenting adults?

Consensual sex is nobody’s business other than the parties themselves.

And if the people are married – and the partner agrees to the arrangement – what is euphemistically called “open” marriage – how is this fact anyone’s business?

I don’t know if there are – or have ever been – leaders of substance who did NOT pursue a generous sexual lifestyle.
Most of the names are well documented so I will not extend this article  any longer by detailing them.

Suffice to say that I would be very suspicious about the true abilities of leaders who did NOT take advantage of their positions of power in the sexual area.

A cynic might question why do people seek to become leaders at all – if it were not for the “perks”!

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