New Initiative from Obama

Us President Barack Obama gives speech
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‘NY Times’: US tries to stall Palestinian statehood bid

09/04/2011 08:39
(Jerusalem Post article 4/9/11)
My response
What has changed suddenly? What is this mysterious secret “Plan” ?
Abbas has demonstrated incredible intransigence for a long time now. Given his confidence in the outcome of the UNGA vote and the benefits he believes the new status will confer on the Palestinian Authority in its bid for statehood, I don’t see that he has any incentive to alter his frequently declared position on the main areas of disagreement.
The Palestinians have NEVER accepted Israel’s RIGHT to exist – as distinct from acknowledging the reality that it DOES exist. And this was way before the issue of whether it would be called the” Jewish state”.
Any attempt in Israel’s part to try to deal with the claim of the so called “Arab right of return” has been rejected and this aspect is – of course – the absolute “deal breaker”!
The issue of the status of Jerusalem is more emotional than political and, as such, could be capable of resolution with the right formula. But this is an academic point since – without the acceptance of the right to exist – all other elements are meaningless!
The UN vote is a fruitless exercise and even dangerous for their aspirations.
But – at the risk of hearing their apologists say “Oh No! not again! ”  Abba Eban’s  timeless aphorism bears repeating:
“The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity! ‘
As true today as it has ever been.!
Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmood Abbas Image via Wikipedia

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

Abba Eban Image via Wikipedia

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