Who do the Palestinian Authority actually represent?

Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmood Abbas

A legal opinion recently presented to the Palestinian Authority addresses the issue of who will they actually represent should they succeed in their bid for UN membership.

However, whilst setting out the problems of who is to represent  the Palestinians,  the opinion  does not seem to fully address the fact that there are, de facto, two  major political entities now – and even they can be sub-divided into factions.

The Palestinian Authority – which is, essentially, Fatah, in the West Bank,  and Hamas in Gaza.
Then there are the Palestinians who live in Jordan and have Jordanian citizenship.
And then there are the Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria – and then all the rest of the Palestinian Diaspora scattered around the world.

Until now they have exhibited the greatest difficulty in agreeing with each other about anything – except their non-acceptance of Israel’s right to exist.

The Coat of arms of the Palestinian National A...

Coat of arms of Palestinian National Authority

One would have imagined that, should they succeed in their bid and actually become a member nation that at least this would preclude them from threatening to eliminate a sister member.
Sadly, judging by the manner in which the UN has blandly accepted such threats against Israel from another existing member – Iran – one cannot even assume that benefit!

The situation is so obviously fraught with danger for the Palestinian (illegal and not properly elected) leadership that one can only assume that they have simply not thought through the full implications of their actions.

And they have not indicated that they will allow the problems, as presented in this report, to get in their way.
They are probably fed up with being told that “They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” – so they are determined to see THIS  “opportunity” through to the bitter end.

Unfortunately, for them, it is the wrong opportunity!

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