Russell Tribunal – a “Kangaroo Court”?

The third meeting of an entity known as the Russell Tribunal on Palestine is due to meet in Cape Town in November of this year

Its purpose is to investigate the supposed apartheid policies of Israel as they relate to the Palestinians.

It would be useful for the Tribunal to  view this powerful rejection of the absurd Apartheid claims before they make their judgments


The “non biased” members of this group include the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Cynthia Mckinney and Alice Walker – all of whom are known for their anti-Israel attitudes which they have frequently expressed in the past.

Their general premise – that Israel is an apartheid state – is so riddled with inaccuracy and distortion – that it makes this more of a “Kangaroo court ” than an objective Tribunal.

There is, also, the issue of double standards that needs to be addressed.

There are many Arab countries in which Jews are not permitted to live or own property.

The Palestinian Authority leadership have stated, repeatedly, that in any future State of Palestine – no Jews will be allowed.

I understand that this situation is accepted by the Tribunal which, doubtless, will claim that the issue is outside its terms of reference. How convenient!

Desmond Tutu 2007 at the Deutscher Evangelisch...

Desmond Tutu  – Unbiased???   (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The actions that Israel has been forced to take to protect the lives of its citizens (Jews,Arabs and Christians) from terrorist attacks carried out, almost exclusively, by Muslim Arabs, have nothing to do with an Apartheid philosophy.
But,they have everything to do with security – a critical element in the lives of the people of Israel.

To try to present this – and all the other measures that Israel has been obliged to enact – as Apartheid, is stretching the definition of this word beyond any relevant meaning.

What Israel does has everything to do with trying to protect the lives of its citizens from the seemingly insatiable hatred of its Arab neighbours.

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

Read Richard Goldstone on “Israel is not an Apartheid State” in this article:,7340,L-4142242,00.html


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