A Palestinian State – in Israel’s best interests?

The editorial of the Jerusalem Post yesterday referred to the current crisis with the Palestinians as an  “opportunity “

It argued , in spite of all recent events, that  “the creation of a Palestinian state is an eminently Israeli interest, provided such a state respects the Jewish people’s right to political sovereignty within secure borders.” (my italics)

The proviso is loaded with contradictions – especially taking into account the entity which is being asked to accept and respect what Israel is, and where the final borders will be delineated.

English: Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmood Abbas - has to choose between peace with Hamas or peace with Israel

The Palestinian Authority,  under Mahmood Abbas‘s leadership,  cannot bring itself to agree that the Jewish people HAVE a right to any sovereignty in “Palestine”.

Abbas cannot agree because he knows that Hamas will never agree.

He is still desperately seeking a formula to unite Judea and Samaria with Gaza, and does not want to take any action which will jeopardise his tenuous (and presently illegal)  grip on power.

Should he succeed in this quest, he will create an Authority with a participating body fundamentally opposed to Israel in any form and within any borders – secure or otherwise.

Actually the infighting will be about tactics and strategy, rather than disagreement on the core issue of Israel’s continued existence.

Whilst it may be in Israel’s best interest to separate from the Palestinians, I question whether, deep down,  Abbas  really wants to separate from us. Economically he knows he cannot, at least in the short term. And if things go badly wrong with his Hamas love-fest, then – ironically –  only Israel can save him.

Irrespective of this, Israel has to face up to one regrettable but undeniable problem.

Anwar Sadat

Anwar Sadat - the agreement is rapidly becoming worthless.......

In Western Democratic societies,  agreements are made between governments – and are honoured by successive administrations. The only peace treaties we have at present were made with a Military Dictator and an Autocratic Monarch.  The first is already crumbling around the edges. And one can guess what will become of the second should the “Arab spring” reach Amman.

Will any agreement with the Palestinians be worth the paper it is written on given the fundamental potential instability of regimes in this region?

Would any body or nation, or group of nations, be willing to underwrite and guarantee the implementation of such an agreement? And, even if they did – could they be trusted to act  swiftly and incisively in the event of any breach?

I’m sorry, but I don”t see the present situation with the Palestinians as an “opportunity”.

I see it as a disaster , just waiting to happen.

And, given the underlying and unrelenting hatred of  (most) of the world towards Israel, there is nothing we can do about it!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

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