The power of accusation in a media driven world

Deputy Minister Kara denies sexual harassment claims

09/13/2011 09:15  ( Headline Jerusalem Post 13/9/11)

For this man, the issue of whether he did, or did not, have any form of sexual contact with a female employee is no longer relevant.

The accusation has been made, and in the media  driven world we inhabit, that, in itself, is sufficient to destroy his life and career.
Should the case ever go to court it will be yet another classical “he said, she said” and the verdict is of no consequence. For, even if completely exonerated, the questions will always be out there.
I make no judgment in this particular case, other than to comment – why now?
Why after 2 years?

Israel’s draconian sexual harassment law has much to answer for.

And how did this accusation ( I stress “accusation”) enter the public domain at all?
Should it be judged that the sex – if any –  was consensual –  the first issue that this  raises is;  how is it possible to protect oneself from the situation of false claims.
The answer is – it is not possible.
The second issue is – why should it  it matter to anyone – apart. maybe, to a spouse –  that the event took place?
If the individual is fulfilling his obligations to his employer -whether private, public or the state – and is doing his work to the best of his ability-  what is the connection to his sexual activities?
The salacious gossip that surrounds situations like this says more about the twisted moral judgments of society than it does about the individual concerned.
And if you are still not convinced by this argument – give a thought to  Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
Vilified and disgraced, having been pursued by a rapacious media and a justice system in which innocence and guilt are interchangeable prior to trial.

Ask yourself – what would I do, and how would I feel if I found myself in this position.

It’s every man’s nightmare.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (French socialist polit...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Image via Wikipedia

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