Naked in the Holy Land

Hundreds of Israelis bare all to the world for Spencer Tunick – literally!

Spencer Tunick 03/05/2010

an Art Installation by Spencer Tunick

World famous photographer, Spencer Tunick,specialises in photographing groups of hundreds -or even thousands – of  ordinary people, in  unusual or famous locations.

So what makes the pictures of Spencer Tunick so special?

The people photographed by Spencer Tunick, are naked!

His work is so well known that , when a new location is announced, thousands apply to take part. His photo shoots – or installations – as he prefers to refer to them, have taken place all over the world.

London, New York, Amsterdam. Lyon, Barcelona. Sydney and Mexico City are just some of the locations, and there are many more.

And now- there will be an installation in Israel.

Yes – Israel!  At The Dead Sea!

 Spencer Tunick  wants to support the nomination of  The Dead Sea as one of the “7 natural wonders of the world”, and this is is way to do it.

 The Dead Sea  Spencer Tunick wants to save

The Dead Sea Spencer Tunick wants to save

Actually, the Dead Sea has reached the finals of the competition – and Kunick –  and the participants,  hope that the  publicity generated by this event will give the final boost!

Of course, being Israel, the project has not been without it’s critics from orthodox religious Jews. .

Only this week it was compared to another Sodom and Gomorrah by a member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).

Indeed, when the possibility of such an event ever taking place in Israel was mooted, I think that most people believed that it could not be done

They will not be joining us!

They will not be joining Spencer Tunick

It was felt that the religious and traditional Jews would use all their power and political strength to prevent it.

Well – if they did –  they didn’t succeed ,

because the event is taking place in 2 days.

For obvious reasons there will be very tight security and the  detailed arrangements are known only to the organisers and the participants

And to me – because your Andyboy is one of those participants!

When it’s over,  I’ll post an update in which, amongst other  things, I’ll deal with this event from a regional political perspective.

But not now. Now it’s about Spencer Tunick, me and the Dead sea!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!


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