The Penis is mightier than the sword!

An unlikely and unholy alliance of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish and Muslim Arab dicks threatens the future of Israel as we know it.

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth

.King James 2000 Bible (©2003) Genesis 1:28

Unfortunately the “every living thing” includes all those Secular and Non-believing Israelis

whose worldview doesn’t include any God

happy families ( photo:

and/or organised religion.  Historically, the production of babies by Jews and Arabs was known as the “Battle of the Wombs”.   But the wombs played only a passive role until activated. It would be more correct to define it as the “Battle of the Dicks”.

What we are witnessing is a two pronged attack  ( literally!) on Israel. From the Jews,  the problem of the type of society Israel will become. From the Arabs, the problem is existential; whether or not Israel will exist at all! On the one hand, the prolific Jews claim that they are saving the nation by maintaining a high birthrate. The question is: saving it for what?

Yesterday, Gideon Levi wrote an article in Ha’aretz painting a terrible picture of what may become of us.

I quote a small part here:

the shape of things to come...(Photo:

“In the not too distant future, the urban landscape will look different. What is happening today in Jerusalem will play itself out in the whole country tomorrow, when the likeness of women will be banished from public view. Today Jerusalem, tomorrow the whole country. Separate buses and streets for men and women. Radio and television will only broadcast men singing. At some point, women will be required to cover their heads. Then it will be the men’s turn. They will be barred from appearing clean-shaven or without a head covering. That day is not long in coming.

The cities will be shut down on Shabbat. Not a store or movie theater will be open. Then will come the ban on driving on Shabbat. Non-kosher restaurants will be illegal. Mezuzahs will be required on the doorpost of every room in every home. Couples not registered with the rabbinate will not be allowed to live together, and couples in which only one party is Jewish will be deported immediately. Unmarried couples will be barred from walking arm-in-arm in public.”

You can read the full article here  :

Some may feel that this is a doomsday scenario – but all the signs are there. The writing is on the wall (also literally!). And the proof is evident for all to see. An article in the Jerusalem Post last year touched on the situation:

 “The Jewish demographics in Israel are improving, Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, an international expert on Jewish demography from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said Tuesday.
According to DellaPergola, the current demographic trend in Israel is towards larger families, in comparison to 
the birth rate among Jews in the Diaspora, which has been declining due to rapid ageing and intermarriage.”

Total fertility Rate

TFR is very high among Haredi Jews. For Ashkenazi Haredim, the TFR rose to 8.51 in 1996 from 6.91 in 1980. The figure for 2008 is estimated to be even higher. TFR for Sephardi/Mizrachi Haredim rose from 4.57 in 1980 to 6.57 in 1996.

Total Jewish TFR increased by 10.2% during 1998–2009, and was recorded at 2.90 during 2009.

Interestingly, the rate for Israeli Arabs in general, dropped in the same period.

However the rate for the  Negev Bedouin remained high, as did the rate for West bank Arabs.

Way to go! ( Photo:

Even so, Jewish birthrates in Judea and Samaria were higher than Arab.

There is a substantial difference between Arab birthrates in the West Bank and Gaza.

Total fertility rate:

Compare this with the overall Jewish rate in Israel of only 2.90. This figure highlights the religious-secular imbalance.
The Orthodox Jews are exhausting themselves – especially their women –  in the battle for demographic superiority. But for Israel it’s a lose-lose situation. Whichever side succeeds – Israeli society will never be the same.
Or Israel will cease to exist.

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!


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