Black Africans – Dying to get into “Apartheid” Israel!

        Dying literally – and dying figuratively !

Ethiopia, Omo Valley - Atatu from the Dassanec...

From Ethiopia - and hoping not to get raped on the journey to Israel

The phenomenon of Black Africans illegally infiltrating into Israel continues unabated. The vast majority come from Sudan and Eritrea, but some  are from other parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Why do they risk their lives to come to the most vilified nation on the face of the Earth? (1)

The glib answer is that they are fleeing from persecution and seeking Political Asylum.

Original caption states, "Forced from the...

Leaving this behind for a better life in Israel

That simply isn’t true!

Most of them are coming for economic reasons i.e. to earn money. A very small number, somewhere in the low hundreds, are being considered as genuine asylum seekers.(2)

The trickle which started in 2006, has turned into a Tsunami in 2011. In the whole of 2006 around 1000 infiltrators were caught. In November 2010 alone 1940 illegals were captured.

The fence

Following the commencement of the construction of the new security fence between Israel and Egypt, this number has increased to up to 1000 per week.

Looking north along Egypt-Israel border north ...

Egyptian/Israeli border near Eilat - waiting for the new fence!

The upsurge is due to their certain knowledge that, once the fence is completed next year, infiltration will cease. (3)

Official estimates put the current number of illegals at around 36,000. Before completion of the fence that number can be expected to increase by up to another 10,000. The figures do not take account of those that avoided capture.

Bedouin atrocities

In their journey across the Sinai, in the company of the Bedouin smugglers, to whom they paid thousands of dollars, they were subject to all types of abuse. Women were raped; men were beaten, and even killed, and ransom was demanded for some held as captives. This all according to the statements of the people themselves.

And if they succeeded in getting near to the border, they were shot at by Egyptian border guards. Some were killed. Knowing this, Israeli soldiers who caught them near the border, could not send them back.

With so many of them concentrated in only 4 or 5  cities, there are social consequences for the local populations. The majority of Israelis do not have to live with this problem. But that is a subject I will address in a future post.

Isn’t it ironic that “Apartheid”  Israel is viewed by these, mainly Muslim,  “seekers of a better life”, as the land of their salvation?

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