“Andyboy Has Been Banned” – Again!

Well, I don’t really make a habit of it. This is only the second time!

Since discovering the Blogosphere, about  six months ago, I found myself drawn to sites having a large number of contributors dedicated to attacking Israel, Zionism and Jews. I am not sure how many of you are aware of the battles taking place every hour of every day in Cyberspace.

I am not referring to the recently highly publicised “Wars of the hackers”, but to the long-term insidious phenomenon of anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli rhetoric saturating the internet. I discovered this quite by accident, and was horrified to slowly learn the extent and depth of the hatred being spewed out so regularly.

Al Jazeera English

A forum not for the faint hearted

Somehow I felt an obligation to reply to the (mainly venomous)  talkbackers, and to put the alternative viewpoint. I started slowly, with what I might define as the “soft porn”  forum in Ha’aretz. I graduated to the harder stuff produced daily in Aljazeera, and then found myself in the “hardcore” website of Robert Lindsay. This was interesting to the extent that Robert allowed people the freedom to use whatever language they liked, with virtually no limits, just a few restrictions on subject matter.

It quickly became clear that I was dealing with a different breed of commentators. All, apparently, highly educated, and exuding the kind of intellectual superiority that a university education seems to inspire, well, at least in America. Of course, their “gurus” were the likes of Ilan Pappe, Norman Finklestein, Noam Chomsky, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, so you may imagine their perspective on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

It disclaims state of Israel

Zionists not welcome

To be fair the exchanges were, in the main, reasonably civilised and much of the banter was not vicious. I don’t think that I succeeded in influencing mindsets one iota. They had, without exception, swallowed the Palestinian narrative,“hook,line and sinker.” Their viewpoint of the situation was the only valid one. Any opposing  view was simply Zionist propaganda, or Hasbara, having no merit.

As we all know, historical narrative is never absolute truth; it is always open to interpretation. Since their interpretation depended, to a large extent, on the writings and teachings of the left wing protagonists listed above, their position on the issue was fixed and inflexible.

Apart from the conflict itself, there were two other subjects which constantly recurred. The first was about world domination by the Jews. The usual canards about Jewish power, control of the banking and finance sectors, control of all media – the regular rubbish. Secondly, as an extension of the first, was the Jewish influence on American politics, particularly in the sphere of foreign affairs. There was really great resentment about the perceived actions of the”Jewish lobby” and their results.

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

"Obama threw Israel under the bus"

My standard response was that each nation acts only in its own best interests. For as long as those interests are satisfied, the nation will continue to do what it feels is right for it. The moment it stops feeling that, it will do something else. In the case of Israel, even America, or its President, will, as Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney so eloquently expressed it “throw Israel under the bus” when it considers the time is right. No amount of lobbying will prevent that.

I mentioned that the exchanges were reasonably civil most of the time. But not all of the time. The site hosted a fair number of hostile anti-Semites, not afraid to express themselves in the most primitive language. I was invited to “fuck off and die” and to “fuck off back to Jew-land”. One commentator volunteered the information that he“spent all last night ripping up pieces of toilet paper…  it has the Israeli flag printed on every piece”. I was also variously described as a “gonorrhea dripping penis”and a “gay ass fucker.” If you decide to enter the internet world to speak on behalf of Israel, you need a thick skin.

After a few months of this I decided that my time could be more usefully utilised on developing my own blog and writing elsewhere, and this what I did. From time to time I would glance at Robert’s site, but it was pretty much “same old, same old” so didn’t feel that I had much to add. But a few days ago I came across this gem:

“The black slave trade over the Atlantic from Africa to America was a JEW ONLY monopoly. All the slave ships was  owned by jews.All the captain’s on all the slave ships was jews.  The biggest slave owner was jews. 

Watch any jew made jewish propaganda bullshit movie made in jew ruled Hollywood and what do you get? Jewish bullshit telling ignorant and stupid white people that is was the white man behind the black slave trade” (his grammar) .

I could not resist the desire to respond. Robert had written a piece about political correctness, with which I agreed, and I told him so. I then said: “On the other hand I see that you have acquired another raving lunatic, foaming at the mouth anti-Semitic nutcase. Well, I guess there’s no shortage of those – I just wonder why they gravitate to your site. I suppose it’s because you don’t mind providing a forum for the “Jews are the cause of every evil that has ever befallen the world brigade.”

Robert’s response was the following:

“Andyboy Has Been Banned

Andyboy, the beloved British-Israeli commenter who charmed and delighted so many of you on this blog, has been banned for “hostile attitude.” This was a very difficult decision. I realize that most commenters were endeared to him, and the longtime commenters especially loved him very much. I realize that by doing this I will enrage many of my commenters, and even many longtime commenters will probably leave, but I had to do it anyway. He got too nasty with me one too many times, so it’s back to Tel Aviv or wherever for him.

I hope some of you will stick around. As the rest of you don’t live in Tel Aviv, I doubt a similar fate awaits you. The rules are the rules, and they have to be enforced. I hope you all will forgive me for this necessary but very painful action.”

Last time I checked, there were 50 responses to his decision: Not all them negative towards me.

You can judge for yourself the nature of his blog, and the level of the discussion as I’m giving him a free “Plug”.  Just click on these links:



Feel free to form your own conclusions – and let me know your thoughts.

Oh – the other “banning”?

English: The Daily Mail clock, just off Kensin...

Times have changed in the UK!

That was 6 months ago and had nothing to do with Jews or Israel. I commented on the London Daily Mail website about the London riots which had just ended. I pointed out that political correctness in the UK had reached such a level that the media studiously avoided mentioning the self evident fact that most of the rioters, arsonists and shoplifting thieves were, actually, Black. Or Brown.

I was unaware that it was no longer possible in 21st century Britain to call a spade a spade. (Pun intended). So I was surprised to receive a notification that I was “banned for life”  from their site with the threat of serious reprisals if I ever tried to comment again. To this date I have been unable to obtain from the Mail any explanation, or justification for their action. My assumption is just an assumption. You can click on the link below for fuller details:


Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

(or trying to if not banned!)



7 comments on ““Andyboy Has Been Banned” – Again!

  1. Hi Andyboy, you can always appeal a ban, you know. You have to formally appeal it. We do allow that. It’s interesting that most of your enemies were disappointed that you were banned. They wanted to keep you around. I would love to have a hardline Zionist commenter on the blog, but the other commenters are going to beat him up pretty bad.

    We do have some antisemites on the site, it is true. Some are Muslims, some are White nationalists, some are just antisemites! I don’t exactly encourage them at all, but I don’t ban on antisemitism because it’s one of those things that doesn’t effect me personally. We only ban on advocating US Republican Party rightwing politics and rightwing economics. That effects me personally.

    Other than that, we allow pretty much anything. There are radical Jews, black, Asian and White nationalists, fascists, Nazis, communists, supporters of the Khmer Rogue, you name it. We even had some supporters of pedophile rights!

    Thing is, you started to develop a hostile tone towards me, and you just can’t do that. You more or less called me an antisemite. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I guess I say it’s not? But anyway, you can’t call me that.

    Anyway, if you want to come back, please feel free to file an appeal.

    • Hi Robert

      Actually, I was not aware that a ban could be appealed; would that be in front of the original judge, or does it require an expanded panel?

      Seriously, I was astonished at your interpretation of my comment. You know it was not directed at you but at the ranter about slavery.The fact that you allow people to say such things doesn’t disturb me, and never did. Allowing people to say anti-Semitic things doesn’t make you an anti-Semite, and it was never my intention to make such inference. Sorry you took it that way.

      As for the other commentators, I pretty much know what to expect from them. At least they’re not ALL raving lunatics.



      • Hi Andy, you have to petition by email. The email link is on the Contact page. Hardly anyone petitions, but most that do are reinstated. You seem like a reasonable fellow and you are contrite, so you stand a good chance. Whether or not you are reinstated is really all about you and your attitude and not me. I.e. if you display a willingness to follow the rules, then you will be reinstated no problem.

        Most banned people are really incorrigible. You seem a lot more decent that the average bannee.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Andyboy,

    why the hell would you reply in that blog? would you try to reason or argue with SS soldiers? that blog over there is pure hate. Like a fanatic religious man, whenever they are faced with facts beyond their abillities to respond to, they blame a “higher power” – in their case jewish propaganda, hasbara, jewish control of the world (could have been funny if it wasnt so sad).
    U should use your retorical capabillities for forums with more reasonable people, not brainwashed clowns.

    your hypocritic “I am no anti-Semitic” posts really make me disgusted. I mean, if there is anythings more annoying then your kind of hate-filled people is people who dont stand up for their thoughts. You know what you believe, you know what you would do if you had the power to do it, then why deny it?
    you speak against militaristic men, against violence, and yet you say that the US shouldnt intrerfere with M.E. problems (oftenly involving innocents being massacared – like Iraq for that matter).

    too much of my time wasted here, instead of ruling the world, stealing your money, and eating Matzas with christian childrens’ blood.. yummi.

    ignorant clowns.

    • You are correct that there is a lot of hate on Robert’s blog – and not all of it directed against Jews. I found after a number of months that I would have got more benefit from beating my head against a brick wall.

      On the other hand, posting to a forum where everyone is reasonable is not the same challenge. I appreciate your concern, and your points are valid.

      I don’t know what will happen in the future since I now have to spend my available time building my own blog and guest posting elsewhere – where I am not called names!

      • There are a lot of haters on that blog, but I’m not one of them. But it’s true that there are haters in the commenters section I suppose. There were definitely people who hated Andy and some were coming at him from an anti-Semitic direction.

    • That’s funny, I don’t even believe in the Jews Control the World theory. They have an awful lot of power for such a small group though. Mostly money power and media power in the West. Outside of that, not so much.

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