So – Where WAS God During The First Holocaust?

And where will He/She be during the next one?

Some people object to the Jews claiming exclusivity to the description”Holocaust”, preferring to classify what happened as just another genocide in a human history replete with genocides. According to Wikipedia, at least 40 major examples, and countless minor ones have been reported.(1)

So – where WAS God?

Yad Vashem Hall of Names

All God's children?
Memorial at Yad Vashem

Man’s inhumanity to man does not only apply to mass murder but, also, to a wide range of other atrocities. And God’s absence, or inability, or lack of desire, to interfere is always explained away with those magic words; ” God gave man free will” – the excuse all excuses.

In truth, man was in a great dilemma. He had created a religion with a faceless God, and now had to explain away all the evil inherent in mankind. Man’s brain, ever fertile and ingenious, came up with the magic formula. Remove all responsibility from God for the bad things in life, retain God’s hand in all the good things, and invent an alter ego for God, who would have a face – “The Devil”, and ascribe to him all the responsibility for things evil

Extraordinarily, the ruse worked. They had calculated, correctly, that mankind’s gullibility was infinite. What is now viewed as a problem, in terms of justification, was not that things happened beyond God’s control, but that some of the worst atrocities were carried out whilst invoking His name, and occurred only because of his claimed existence.

The following quotation of the Greek philosopher, Epicurus, expresses my feelings very eloquently:

Actually, the Holocaust was not, ostensibly, a genocide carried out in the name of God, although a considerable number of people were happy with the knowledge that the “Christ Killers” were at last getting what was coming to them. It was simply an example of man’s capability to rationalise the irrational.

One of the enduring mysteries, following the Holocaust, is how did any of those who experienced it, either first hand, or from afar, still retain their belief? Whilst many ceased to believe, many others did not. I have never understood it, I will never understand it. Walking into the gas chambers whilst reciting the “Shema”  (the most sacred Jewish prayer exalting God’s name) has always baffled me.(2)

And there is a never ending list of mass murders committed in God’s name continuing to this day. Christians, Muslims. Hindus and others, all murdered those who they perceived as “worshipers of the wrong God”- meaning either a different God, or the same God, but approached from a different direction.

And the story doesn’t end there. The internecine strife within the multitude of religions, as the various sects struggle for supremacy, is an open secret. In Judaism it is, at least, an argument over interpretation and customs between the Ashkenazim and Sephardim, which is not currently a bloody conflict. This action they reserve – jointly – towards the secular community.

But with Islam, it’s a different story as Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims seek to excel each other in their hatred and mutual loathing, and blow each other up with amazing regularity. And now, once again,  a part of Islam is shaping up to solve the Jewish problem once and for all – the final “Final solution”.

English: Rows of bodies fill the yard of Lager...

a result of the first "Final Solution" And the next one will not take as long to expedite

The world is viewing the development of the nuclear bomb by Iran with mixed feelings.Some openly support the right of Iran to have such devices, even though the Iranian leadership has not hidden the fact that it would like to use the power this will give it to eliminate Israel. And, of course, at the same time, denying that it’s endeavouring to build such an atomic bomb.

Irrespective of whether it succeeds, there is bound to be conflict involving Iran and it’s proxies, which will result in numerous deaths. And all this is with, or without, God’s approval?

Self evidently, this article is not a deep theological argument about the unprovable existence of a God. It is simply the struggle of a non-believer to  make sense out of nonsense.

A struggle already lost, as I ponder on where will God be during the next Holocaust? 

Andyboy – Telling it as it is





3 comments on “So – Where WAS God During The First Holocaust?

  1. Have you ever read Zechariah 12 in the Tanakh? Even though it’s said to have been written in 520 BC, it seems to be summing up Israel’s history until the grand finale. Where is God? Still in control. Still holding out His hands to rebellious people like you and me. That’s my thought.

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