Excuse Me God – But WTF Are You Allowing Rockets To Fall On Your Chosen People?

Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Home Front Co...

You see what I mean!

An open letter from Andyboy

Dear God,

Sorry to trouble you; I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with all that’s happening in the world you created in less than a week. Maybe you should have taken a bit longer – at least worked the Saturday; rushing things can lead to unintended consequence.

Anyway, my problem is trying to understand why you continue to allow bad things to happen to your Chosen People. I am right in assuming that you did choose the Jews, am I not? As far as I can understand, they’ve had a pretty shitty existence ever since you decided they were “special.”

Two priests demand a heretic to repent as he i...

Didn't the Inquisitors also pray to you?

I mean, we’ve just finished with Purim and remembering what fate was planned for the Jews by the Persians the first time round. And soon we’ll be dredging up the memories of what happened to us in Egypt under a not very sympathetic Pharoah. A couple of weeks after that we’ll commemorate the Holocaust, and we recall also, from time to time, the Romans, the Inquisition, the pogroms and a whole host of bad things inflicted upon us over thousands of years.

And, as if all that is not enough, look where you chose to locate the Promised Land! In the only part of the region without oil!

Yellow badge Star of David called "Judens...

Not easy being a Jew!

What were you thinking? Is this some sort of test – sort of character building stuff? Make life as difficult as possible and they’ll be all the stronger for it, type of philosophy?

So, you give all the oil to our neighbours and what do they do with it? They use it to control the world! And at $125 a barrel (and rising) they’re screwing everyone and laughing all the way to the bank.Didn’t you see this coming? I was taught that you were all powerful, but I’m having serious doubts now.

To be honest, I’m having serious doubts as to whether you actually exist. I mean, no God, in his or her right mind, would permit all the crap that’s going on the world right now.

And, as if the above is not enough, we’ve had over 200 rockets fall on our heads in the past 3 days, compliments of a people who pray to you under another name. And we live under the threat of thousands more where they came from.

Great! This is the best you can do for the Chosen Ones?

You know something, God; Maybe, next time, chose someone else!

Sorry to be so blunt, but I didn’t get my gas mask from Home Front Command yet, and I’m feeling a bit vulnerable right now.

Andyboy – Telling it as it is – even to God!

P.S. On second thoughts, I’m certain you don’t exist. Want to send me a sign?

P.P.S. Do you actually look anything like Morgan Freeman?

Well - he couldn't do a worse job.....

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Freeman- a-eskinsley – time.com

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