Trial by YouTube!

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Israel now has Three Courts of Law:

  • The District Court

  • The Supreme Court

  • The YouTube Court

And, as the recent case of Lt.-Col Shalom Eisner sadly proves, it is the YouTube Court that reigns supreme over all other avenues of justice.

Israel supreme court, Jerusalem. עברית: בית המ...

Israel's used to be Supreme court - not any more! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not for it, the strictures of “rules of evidence”: nor the supposed basis of all justice – ” innocent until proven guilty”. The  problem with the social media is the immediacy; the rush to judgment, based on perception only.

How many of those who saw the infamous video clip know enough about technology to understand that, in today’s world, the camera does, indeed, lie. The “photoshopping“of static images has become an international scandal – even leading to legislation forbidding, or seriously inhibiting the practice – including new laws here in Israel.

In the case of Lt.-Col Eisner, all that was necessary was to simply ignore the 2 hours of protest prior to the incident – as if it never happened. Then it was simple to give the impression that Eisner was only some mindless thug, determined to beat the shit out of anyone who stood in his way and struck this hapless Dane for no reason, and without provocation.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But all of the evidence that has now come to light about what led up to this incident has been studiously ignored by most of the media. And, course, it is the media, with their insatiable appetite for violence and scandal, that are to blame for the travesty of justice that has been visited upon this poor officer.

They virtually ignored the fact that he, and his men, were attacked by this crowd of “peaceful” agitators with sticks, and other objects, (that resulted in his hand being broken), and concentrated all their venom on an incident that lasted all of 7 seconds.

Almost all newspapers and other media used the term “beating” with its connotations of a virtual bloodbath. Careful study of the video, doctored as it is, shows that Eisner simply pushed his weapon in front of him as a combination of shield and club, in much the same way that riot police do, all over the world.

Had the blow been 20cms lower, the agitator would have simply been pushed back with, maybe, a slightly bruised chest. Even the cut lip proved not to be serious, and I’m certain that this man, and the organisation he represents, view this as a small price to pay for the resulting publicity.

January 7, 2011. This picture captures only a ...

January 7, 2011. This picture captures only a few of the 300 rioters at Bil'in today. Rioters are seen here hurling rocks at security forces, who responded using riot dispersal means. Weekly demonstrations held at regular sites in the West Bank such as Bil'in and Ni'lin often escalate into violent riots, where rioters hurl rocks and firebombs at IDF and Border Police forces who respond using tear gas and similar means to disperse the rioters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is why agitators deliberately place themselves in harm’s way. They beg for something to happen to them, preferably with as much blood as possible. in order to make prime time news.

The aphorism, attributed to the CBS newsroom, “if it bleeds, it leads” is as true today as the day it was coined. And with no need for any sort of editorial control or fact checking before it’s live in hundreds of millions of homes.

By the way, you note that I choose to use the term “agitator”, and not  “activist”, so favoured by the media. This sanitised description seems to have replaced the more appropriate “agitator”, “troublemaker”, “rioter”, ‘militant”, “useful idiot”, “fellow traveller”, etc. in an effort to describe the indescribable “great unwashed”. 

Left wing loonies, the lot of them!

We also need to address the issue of what was this particular agitator doing there at all. Whilst a democracy may permit its own citizens to demonstrate, under certain conditions and controls, where is that written that foreigners should have the right – the RIGHT, mind you, to enter Israel for the sole purpose of protesting the policies of the democratically elected government?

Citizens can always vote to change the political leadership and policies at an election. Any society that allows foreign troublemakers some form of extra territorial freedom to try to overthrow the government is on the road to Anarchy.  Israel is not yet there, but every incident like this one, every “Flotilla”or “Flytilla” that isn’t stopped at source, either by diplomacy or force – it doesn’t matter which – is just one step further along this road.

With all of the anger directed at this one officer, the REAL question of who are these agitators, who do they represent, and what is their true agenda, takes a back seat.

And what has been the reaction of our Military and Political leadership, on this occasion? Support for the IDF, and a career office caught in a thankless trap?

Of course not!

What we are witnessing, with the decision of the Chief of Staff and the Political echelon to make Eisner the scapegoat for their inability to formulate better methods of crowd control, is a shameful display of weakness in the face of the media madness. The enemies of Israel have been baying for blood, like wolves screaming at the full moon. Now they have their reward.

Eisner, effectively demoted, his career probably in ruins, and for what? A momentary loss of self control in a difficult situation, a push just 20 cms too high. And not even a Court Martial at which even the pretence of a modicum of justice might have taken place.

Deutsch: Polizei im unfriedlichen Ordnungsdien...

"Gentle riot Police"- from SWITZERLAND!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just look at what police and riot police do to crowds in other countries. The IDF deserve medals, not condemnation. In an army, officers have an obligation to support those under them, no matter what. That’s how it used to work, before political correctness and mobile phone cameras took over.

This whole incident is a disaster for army morale. Why should these soldiers be asked to do what they do, if they cannot depend on support from their officers and commanders. Just because the Americans instilled political correctness into their army is no reason for us to follow suit.

They are never fighting for survival.

We always are!

Andyboy – Telling it as it is


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