Islam – Sex Before Marriage – No Way! Sex After Death – Maybe!

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Equal at last! (photo credit: Wikipedia)

At least, if Egyptian radicals get their way!

The internet is buzzing with reports of proposed new legislation in the Egyptian parliament.  Whilst the  main thrust (no pun intended) of the new law is a reduction in the rights and freedoms of women in a number of spheres, the clause that has captured the imagination of the world is, naturally, the one related to sex.

A pair of lions copulating in the Maasai Mara,...

I think even animals try to ensure that the recipient is alive! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is widely reported, for example in the London Daily Mail and the Huffington Post, that there is a proposal to legalise necrophilia in Egypt. For a period of 6 hours after death, both men and women would be permitted to continue to have intercourse with the body of the dearly departed. I can understand the physical possibility for men. It is more difficult to understand the logistical options for women – unless the man died with an erection. Actually, I think that dying at the peak of orgasm is one of the better ways in which to leave this mortal coil, but that’s just a personal idiosyncracy.

Of course, the validity of this story has been challenged by a number of commentators, the most vocal of which is, surprisingly, the Christian Science Monitor which describes the whole story as “hooey”!

Hooey or not, it has generated enormous response from talkbackers, including a few who have seen the amusing side of this story.

To save my readers the trouble of trawling the internet, I have selected my “Top Twenty” most amusing responses to what, I accept, is basically, a very serious subject,

But, for now, I’m looking on the lighter side –  so here are the quotes:

  1. Gives new meaning to the word frigid.

  1. My wife has been “dead” in bed for years. but at least she still cooks.

  1. If they’re anything like my ex-wife, you wouldn’t notice the difference

  1. Six hours? Anything longer than five hours after death is just sick.

  1. Farewell intercourse? what happened to just sending flowers

  1. If a doctor pronounces her dead does he put a ‘ Best Before ‘ mark on her ?

  1. That’s to make up for all the times she had a headache

  2. ” Women also have the right to have sex with her dead husband” Well, to be fair it looks like they’re finally getting their heads around the idea of equal rights for women……

  3. Wives can have sex with their husbands for up to six hours after death?” Well that gives a whole new meaning to stiff.

  4. Some of us dont want to have sex with our wives even when they are breathing

  5. That’s Egypt off the holiday list then

  1. It brings a whole new meaning to having a ” stiffy ” .

  2. Come on now; how many of them can keep going for 6 hours?

  3. How very very peculiar. Next, they will be making it compulsory.

  1. It’s six hours now but that’s just the thin edge of the wedge. Soon even the mummies won’t be safe.

  1. Puts a whole new spin on ’til’ death do us part.’ 

  2. I wonder, if it’s 6 hrs and 1 minute, what’s the punishment?

  3. I hope they make it law in the UK,its the only time I will get any sex off my wife

  1. Of course she must be modestly dressed.

  1. Sounds dead boring to me!

    It’s an interesting insight into Islamic thought processes – but seems to me to be rather an extreme way of seeking converts

    Andyboy – Telling it as it is!

6 comments on “Islam – Sex Before Marriage – No Way! Sex After Death – Maybe!

  1. To show proper respect for the departed

    perhaps one should
    wear a black hat or perhaps a black condom?

    • Under the circumstances it would appear to be a waste of a perfectly good condom!

      On the other hand, considering that at least one religion is based on the biological impossibility of a virgin conceiving, perhaps one should not take the chance of creating a whole new religion based on the concept of a corpse conceiving.

      Sort of Islam 2.2.

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