Rabbi Tells Doctors “Don’t Treat Non-Jews on the Sabbath!”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef  – if you’re sick on Shabbat – you need to be Jewish!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has excelled himself this time

Just when you thought that it would be impossible for him to come up with sayings more idiotic than those he previously uttered, he surprises you with something new.

According to a report in YNET  the “learned”rabbi came up with this gem:

“the spiritual leader of Shas said that while doctors are expected to do everything in their power – even if it requires violating the Sabbath – in order to save Jews whose lives are in danger, the same does not apply for gentiles.”

Of course, this places religious doctors in a real dilemma. A conflict between their Hippocratic oath and Halacha (Jewish religious law). And then, there is their contract with the state:

” The doctors’ license says they must treat all patients without distinction of faith or race, and if they don’t, the State could revoke their license and also punish them” 

Apart from any other considerations, the mere fact that anyone, especially a rabbi, can think and utter such thoughts, is a Public Relations disaster of the highest magnitude for the State of Israel . That this is his opinion, and his alone, gets lost in the media coverage. Israel’s enemies, of which there are many, seize on anything that can cast the state in a bad light.

It’s difficult to imagine anything much worse than this.

The horror of the vast majority of Israeli society to such thoughts is no different from that in the rest of the civilised world. But it would be an uphill struggle to try to get this fact across.

Man’s inhumanity to man is well documented in history, on both small and large scales. It does not need the added stimulus of religious interpretation and edict to make a bad situation even worse. Religion has been responsible for enough tragedy; and now it seems that the spark of religious intolerance continues to glow brightly in the mind of this nonagenarian.

There is, however, a postscript to this story.

Yosef, in an effort to ameliorate the severity of such a ruling, did propose a solution: “ The rabbi offered a halachic solution that follows a rule by which if a single person is doing the act, he is violating the Sabbath, while if two people are doing it together, they are exempt.”

Image of a surgeon operating on a patient. فار...

Two hands are better than one – but at the SAME time?…. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The doctor who needs to operate will call on another doctor, or nurse, to hold the scalpel together and make the incision,” said Rabbi Yosef, saying that “it is necessary in order for religious physicians to refrain from being put on trial for distinguishing between a Jew and a gentile on Sabbath.”

Maybe he should just stick to religion.

His knowledge of medical procedures leaves a lot to be desired.

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!



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Rabbi Ovadia Yosef – from his mouth to God’s ears!

His utterances are enough to convert a person to Atheism overnight

Rabbi Ovaid Yosef

Ovadia Yosef - a light unto his people

Ovadia Yosef  ( age 91) is an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, recognised by his followers as an authority on Talmud ( Jewish Law). A former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, he is now spiritual head of  Shas . This is a political party, founded in 1984, to represent the interests of Sephardic Jews. Currently it has 11 Knesset seats, 4 cabinet members, and holds the balance of power in a multi-party coalition government.

Although nominally under the leadership of Eli Yishai, the true power of decision rests with the Rabbi.

A portrait of Elli Yishai, the head of the Isr...

Eli Yishai - nominal leader

Something like the relationship between Iranian President Ahmadinejad  and the Supreme Ruler, Ali Khameni.

Given the Islamic religious basis of the Iran regime and the strict interpretations of  Jewish law promoted by Shas, my claim about the similarities may not be so outrageous.

Shas party logo

Shas party logo

Since 1999, seven Shas Members of the Knesset have been convicted of major crimes involving  fraud, bribery and conspiracy.

This resulted in jail time and/or fines. I haven’t yet understood the connection between their piety, and their superior sanctimonious attitudes on the morality of lesser mortals i.e. the secular,Athiest and, even,  Liberal, Conservative or Reform Jews that are just not Jewish enough for them.


Unquestionably their worldview is influenced and dominated by the public utterances of their revered sage, the honourable Rabbi. So, I have selected a few pearls of wisdom from the lips of the person to whom they turn for spiritual guidance.

Selected Quotes

” You must not lean on a tree on Shabbat, if that tree might be dependent on you for support.”

” Fires only happen in a place where Shabbat is desecrated. Entire neighbourhoods wiped out…. it is all divine providence.” (1)

” It is permissible to hear a recording of a woman singing, provided that the listener has never seen the woman in person.”

” A married woman who covers her hair, may expose one or two strands of hair.”

” There was a tsunami and there are terrible natural disasters, all of this because of too little Torah study.” (2)

” They’re stupid! Their religion is as ugly as they are.” (3)

” Reform Jews should be vomited up – and thrown out of the country.”

” Who says the nation wants such judges? They have no religion and no law. They are all men who have intercourse with menstruating women.’ (4)

” Goyim (non-Jews) were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”

” Six million who were killed in the Holocaust were reincarnations of people who had sinned in a previous life.”

” Should it come as a surprise when soldiers are killed in war? When they do not adhere to the laws of Shabbat, do not pray every day, do not put on phylacteries every day. God have mercy on them and make them newly religious.”(5)






(1) The Carmel Forest fire of December 2010 in which 44 people were burned to death.

(2) Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans 2005.

(3) Referring to Muslims in a weekly radio broadcast.

(4) His attitude to the Israeli Supreme court. This same court rejected an application from the Movement for Quality in government demanding that Yosef  be tried for incitement. They stated that the comments were within his right to freedom of speech.

(5) This referred to the deaths of 119 IDF soldiers killed in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Although I  have singled out this particular Rabbi, there are many other Rabbis who make similar, or even more outrageous or ridiculous statements. But, to be fair, they are only doing what any God fearing religious leader does. Interpreting and expressing what their God demands. Each religion targeting it’s own niche market.

Mullahs, Imams. Priests and clergy of all faiths, tell the rest of us what we need to do to live a better and more fulfilling spiritual life. 

Be careful what you pray for.......(Photo: joeconger.wordpress.cm)

Of course, we must put to one side any reservations that we might have about the downsides of religion. And turn a blind eye to the actions of God’s messengers in ensuring that we do not deviate from the chosen path. Actions that encourage stoning to death, or lashing with whips or disfiguring with acid. The death penalty (or honour killings) for extramarital sex, or homosexuality.


On a less violent level, discrimination against women (who are not allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia if not accompanied by a close relative). And then there are unbelievable restrictions placed upon Jewish women by the Orthodox Jews. The list is simply too long for this article; but you can think about segregation on public transport for starters (women in the back, men in the front).

“For men and women in ultra-conservative religious traditions, keeping the sexes separate is still fairly routine. Women often sit behind men or a barrier in mosques. The Amish also require different seating areas in worship services. And Hasidic Jews similarly require men to sit or walk in front of women since even seeing them would violate purity


Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/10/21/a-new-york-city-bus-gives-women-the-back-seat/#ixzz1eNVoGZzX

Sprinkle all this with a smattering of priestly sexual abuse and child molestation and you get a pretty

His Holiness............(Photo: religiousnews.com)

good idea of how man has manipulated religion to satisfy his needs.

 The hypocrisy associated with religious beliefs and practices is there for all who wish to see.

Must be hard to face up to these realities in a country that has “In God We Trust” printed on its currency.

Andyboy – Telling it as it is!